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2 x 500G LIVER – cook first in pan

1 X 500g marg – cheapest

Approx 5 cups flour – enough to make a workable dough

3 eggs    

Add garlic – herbs etc as you feel

  •  Melt marg in microwave – add cooked liver & eggs
  • Add enough flour to form a dough
  • Roll thinly & cut to size – or flatten on a tray and cut into small squares halfway through baking
  • Bake in middle shelf of oven – low heat approx 120deg - or grill under griller
  • Keep turning till golden brown
  • OR you can bake – will take longer.
  •  PS From experimenting it’s easier to roll a long thin thingie and then bake/grill it a bit till firm – then cut into small pieces – you get more on the tray


500ml Cake Flour

(OR ½ Krakley Wheat & ½ Flour)

375 Mielie Meal

500g Ox/Chicken/Lamb Liver

1 cup stock or left over gravy

  • · Chop Liver and blend in liquidizer (gross but necessary! Or fry then blend—much less gross)
  • · Add to dry ingredients
  • · Press into baking pan or microwave dish
  • · Microwave Med High for 8-12 minutes or more
  • · Or bake in oven at 180 degrees until brown, take out, cut into squares, and put back into oven until hard – suggest turn oven off and just .
  • · Make sure they’re hard to clean teeth for older dogs, and can be fairly soft for puppies.
  • Store in freezer and only take out a few days supply at a time and keep them in the frig. (They go mouldy in Durbs).


You can add things like: 1tsp crushed garlic / 1 or 2 eggs

Grated carrot / Chopped up Rosemary / wheatgerm / comfrey / ‘n other healthy things, but obviously bake for longer if you add more liquid.

Suggest you triple the recipe, as the dogs love them so much they go very quickly



Roll of polony – ordinary or garlic

Garlic paste

  • Method one – Dice polony into ¼ inch squares
  • Method two – Buy a small roll and cut into ¼ inch strips lengthways, so you have strips as long as a sausage.
  • Lay out on baking or microwave tray.
  • Smear with garlic.
  • Bake until fairly hard – or soft as you desire. They can be hard and crunchy or just hard enough so that they don’t squish in your pocket.



If you don't feel like baking - Irene from 'Good Dog Barkery' makes the best dog biscuits - ask her at training to bring you a packet. 


We ask you to bring treats for your dogs. This must be something your dog really likes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Suggestions are - Biltong, Husky Meaty Bites, Cheese, Sausage, Chicken.

We've included recipes for you to try............